/ R&D

(Photo) Alexander Mayrhofer


Alexander Mayrhofer
Head of R&D

has been a nic.at team member since August 2002. He leads the technical implementation of the new Top Level Domains (new gTLDs), and is active in the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) External Link. Previously, he worked from 1996 to 2002 as a systems engineer at a business ISP and was self-employed.

(Photo) Michael Braunöder


Michael Braunöder
Research Engineer

completed the technical school in Vienna. From 1997 to 2003 he was working as a systems engineer with EUnet GmbH / KPNQwest GmbH / EUnet AG. In summer 2003, he became a staff member of nic.at, where he was responsible for the development and design of the Greenspot platform. At the moment, he is working on the development and design of the ENUM-registry and relevant projects.

(Photo) Alireza Erfanian


Alireza Erfanian
Research & Development

Alireza Erfanian, Ph.D. graduate from University of Klagenfurt. His expertise spans cloud/edge computing, NFV, SDN, 5G networks, and video streaming. With 14+ years as a network admin and developer, he joined nic.at as a Research Engineer.

(Photo) Thomas Meike


Thomas Meike
Web Developer

is responsible for the development and maintenance of internal websites and applications.

(Photo) Clemens Moritz


Clemens Moritz
Research Engineer

Clemens Moritz has a master's degree in physics, is currently working on his doctoral thesis and has been working as an assistant at the University of Vienna on computer-aided physical simulations. He has been part of the R&D team since July 2020 as a Research Engineer.

(Photo) Eugene Surov


Eugene Surov
Web Developer

Eugene has a master degree in Applied Mathematics. Since 2000 is actively engaged into Web Development. He speaks Italian and is a father of three kids.

(Photo) Martin Walters


Martin Walters
Web Developer

graduated from the HTL Salzburg and is part of the Web-Development Team since January 2020. Previously, he worked in the area of software development for banks, the gastronomy/hotel industry, ERP and loyalty programs, among others.

(Photo) Karl Heinz Wolf


Karl Heinz Wolf
Research Engineer

studied computer- and electrical engineering at the Technical University of Vienna. He has been part of the R&D team as a Research Engineer since June 2007.