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The nic.at IT department is responsible for the maintenance and administration of the internal network. Furthermore, it develops applications that support the customer service team in its daily domain administration business.

(Photo) Günther Rettenbacher


Günther Rettenbacher
Head of IT

completed the technical school for electronics and information technology in Salzburg, before he worked within the software development business (Emco, Saltware and CCA) in Salzburg and Vienna. He joined nic.at in January 2000 and became the head of the IT department.

(Photo) Till Radermacher


Till Radermacher
System administrator

graduated in "Telecommunications" at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg. Till Radermacher joined nic.at in 2001 and is responsible for Windows Server, Vmware, Microsoft Cynamics, Firewall, Switches and more.

(Photo) Daniel Weissenböck


Daniel Weissenböck
System administrator

has been working for nic.at since 2013 and is responsible for systems administration.

(Photo) Benjamin Zilles


Benjamin Zilles
System Administrator

completed an apprenticeship as an electrical operations and process control technician at Lenzing AG. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in media technology from St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, and is currently in the final stages of his master's degree in interactive technologies. He has been supporting the IT team in the area of system administration since 2022.