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Many domain holders tend to be surprised to find out about the connection between their domain and nic.at. Sometimes there is confusion about the rights and responsibilities of a domain holder and about the changes that can be made to a domain. We have the answers to the key questions about your .at domain.

As the domain holder you can dispose of your domain freely, i.e. you can use it, rent it out or transfer it to someone else. You can also change your data. nic.at distinguishes between change of domain holder, change of holder data, change of Internet service provider or of name servers, change of billing address and personal data as well as entry of new contact persons to a domain or also cancellation of a domain. What is important for you to know is that none of your domain data can be modified without your approval, nor can the domain be deleted.

Administration of your domain via an Internet service provider

Normally, .at domains are registered by an registrar or Internet service provider, because he can also provide the customer with technical services and additional services (such as e-mail, web space, etc.) that nic.at doesn't offer. This Internet service provider is also your first contact partner when it comes to your preferred domain transactions, and will be happy to assist you. If you do not have a suitable Internet service provider yet, you can find an overview of all the official .at partners in our .at partnerfinder.

Administration of your domain at nic.at

If all you want to do is register the domain and if you need no additional services, you can register your preferred .at domain here, directly via nic.at. In this event, you will require at least two correctly configured name servers at registration. After successful registration, you can administrate your domain(s) in the nic.at login area at any time.

Please note, however, that nic.at does not provide any technical services, such as name servers, e-mail, hosting, etc. If you do not meet the necessary technical requirements yourself, we suggest that you have your domain administrated by one of our .at partners. Our .at partnerfinder offers you a good overview of all .at partners and the option of finding a suitable partner, in line with your domain-specific requirements.

The following video informs you about roles and responsibilities when registering a domain (Registry-Registrar-Registrant).

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The domain holder has all rights and obligations relating to his .at domain. This means he holds the exclusive right of use and can dispose of the domain, i.e. use, rent out or transfer it to someone else, etc. Domain data may not be changed without his approval. But he is also under the obligation to pay the ongoing domain fees (himself or via an Internet service provider) and holds liable for the infringement of rights caused by his domain.

Domain change via an Internet service provider:
Usually the domain is administrated by an Internet service provider who carries out the desired changes for your domain. It is crucial for domain modifications to always be confirmed by the domain holder personally. Internet service providers are not considered authorised representatives! (Exception: nic.at registrars)

Domain modification to a domain administrated at nic.at:
If your domain is administrated at nic.at, you can carry out data changes directly in the login area. If the modification concerns more than 25 domains, you can also request bulk modification. However, this is only possible for changes from the same existing data to the same new data. (Exception: standardisation of invoice recipient. In this case, several invoice recipients can be merged into one.)

Duration of data modification:
As soon as all the necessary elements have been submitted successfully, the data modification will usually be completed within one to three workdays. We will inform you by e-mail about the status of the requested modification and about possible erroneous applications or missing documents. Modifications performed by nic.at registrars take effect immediately, because no additional confirmation is required at nic.at.

Prior to changing your Internet service provider you need a new Internet service provider to whom you wish to transfer your domain. If you do not have a suitable Internet service provider yet, you can find a list of our .at partners in the .at-Partnerfinder. Many Internet service providers offer the service to perform a change of Internet service provider on the customer's behalf. The following distinction is important when it comes to a change of Internet service provider.

Your domain is with an Internet service provider:

Contact your current Internet service provider and have him enter the "AuthInfo" code. The "AuthInfo" code is a unique digit/number combination that is valid as a confirmation code in the event of Internet service provider transfer. The domain holder can request the AuthInfo code from his Internet service provider at any time (often it can also be requested via customer portals).Once you have received the AuthInfo code, you communicate it to your new Internet service provider so that he can transfer your domain. After successful transfer, the Internet service provider should set a new AuthInfo code, because the old one will otherwise remain valid.
Note: Your current Internet service provider is required to provide you with the AuthInfo code, even if e.g. old invoices are still outstanding

In the event that your current Internet service provider refuses to provide you with the AuthInfo code, nic.at offers an alternative procedure in cooperation with your new Internet service provider: The new Internet service provider can request a confirmation token from nic.at which is sent to you by e-mail. This token is valid for 21 days and is bound to this specific Internet service provider. As soon as you pass on your token to your new Internet service provider, the latter can take over administration of the domain and perform the desired changes.

Your domain is being administrated at nic.at:

If you want to have your domain administrated by an Internet service provider/registrar and no longer at nic.at, you can find the required Authinfo in your login area. As soon as your new Internet service provider has the AuthInfo code, he can transfer the domain.

Please note that a transfer will automatically revoke a cancellation by expiration.

If a domain hasn't been paid for despite several payment reminders from nic.at, the domain shall be locked and the open claim handed over to our debt collection agency. As a result, the invoice must be paid directly to the debt collection agency. Please contact our debt collection agency for more information:

KMS Inkasso GmbH
Wiener Straße 331a, 8051 Graz
Tel.: +43 316 32 37 72
Fax: +43 316 32 37 22-22
E-mail: office@kms-inkasso.at

By registering a .at domain (regardless of whether with an Internet service provider or directly with nic.at), you conclude a contract with nic.at and must also agree with the General Terms and Conditions of nic.at. This agreement is also binding for the domain holder if registration was carried out by an Internet service provider on his behalf. You can find more detailed information here.

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Find more information about domain- and internet-specific terms in our Glossar.