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nic.at login area

With the nic.at customer login, we offer all customers who registered their domain directly with nic.at, and not with a provider/registrar, the possibility of administering the domain via an account. Each .at domain has a unique holder handle which must be used as user name for the nic.at customer login. If you do not know your handle, please login using your domain name.

In our nic.at customer login you can send change requests, see your current domain status, query invoice-related information and much more. Please find more information in our FAQs.

Are you the holder of a .at domain that is administered directly with nic.at?

Please check whether your domain is administered directly by nic.at or a partner provider. If your domain is administered directly by nic.at, please use the nic.at customer login to deal with your concerns.

Check, where your domain is administered

You have not yet created a password for your nic.at customer login?

If your domain is administered directly by nic.at and you have never logged in using the customer login before, you can request a password here.

Forgot your password?

We will send you a new password. Please request a new password here.

Has your e-mail address changed and you cannot login anymore?

We will be happy to change your e-mail address for you. Please enter your domain or your holder handle as well as your new e-mail address. As soon as we receive your signed form we will make the change as quickly as possible.

Are you the invoice recipient for specific .at domains?

If so, please use our invoice login. Once logged in you can update your invoice data, download receipts and pay open invoices.