/ Operations

(Photo) Klaus Darilion


Klaus Darilion
Head of Operations

studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Vienna, where he then worked three years as a research assistant at the Institute of Computer Technology. There he conducted research in the field of packetized voice communication and dealt in particular with SIP. Since August 2004 he is in the team of nic.at. Here he deals with current network design, network security, VoIP, VoIP security, DNSSEC and anycast DNS. Since end of October 2014 he is Head of nic.at Operations.

(Photo) Moritz Tanzer


Moritz Tanzer
System Engineer

After his training at Fujitsu and many years as a systems engineer, Moritz Tanzer came to nic.at in October 2012. Among other things, he supports the operations team with monitoring and configuration management.

(Photo) Martin Holub


Martin Holub
System Engineer

worked as a systems engineer before he started working in the technical operation team of nic.at in November 2012. His work includes, among others, the introduction of defined processes in RcodeZero Anycast DNS and registry-in-a-box.

(Photo) Matthias Fraidl


Matthias Fraidl
System Engineer

After his apprenticeship as an IT-engineer Matthias Fraidl worked for several years as a network administrator in Graz, Styria. He startet at nic.at in June 2012 as a Junior IT Security Analyst within the CERT.at Team. In January 2014 he switched to the Operations. Among other things, he is implementing defined processes within RcodeZero Anycast DNS and registry-in-a-box.

(Photo) Thomas Straubinger


Thomas Straubinger
System Engineer

After working as a network engineer at PICS GmbH, Thomas Straubinger startet as a systems engineer at the Raiffeisen Datacentre Salzburg. After seven years with Raiffeisen, he switched to nic.at in March 2014 to support the Operations Team. Among other things, he supports the operations team with monitoring and configuration management.