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/ nic-Report - 19.05.2016 10:37
.at-report 1/2016 - Short domains

“One, two or three – the choice is yours: you have three blanks to choose from!” There’s hardly an Austrian alive that can’t remember the hit TV show with Michael Schanze.  You are probably wondering what that has to do with domains. Particularly as it isn’t even possible to choose between one, two or three, since all .at domains have to have at least three characters – until now, that is!

But like the TV show, that rule is soon to enter the history books: before the year is up, one and two character domains will be available directly under the top level .at domain. This edition of the .at report explains the reasons behind the move and looks at how the launch will play out.

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/ nic-Report - 24.05.2015 09:31
.at-report 3/2015 - nic.at review

Christmas is just around the corner: A good time of the year to look back at the year and reflect on what we succeeded in doing. A glance into our project plans and calendars shows:  There has been a lot going on!

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