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Aug 25

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New series: "SMEs in focus"

The start-up and initial growth phase of a company is an exciting time. The domain often plays a subordinate role, yet it is an important component of digital visibility on the internet, and of the marketing strategy. In the beginning, start-ups have a lot of questions: Which domain name is the right one? When do multiple domains make sense? How is SEO related to the choice of domain?

In our new series "SMEs in focus" we put the spotlight on small and medium-sized Austrian enterprises with a .at domain. We give you an insight into how .at domains are used as part of different strategies and can contribute significantly to the success of the company.


Valuable domain tips

Which domains have other companies chosen? Why did some decide on a keyword in the domain? What role did SEO play in these considerations? What domain tips can they give other start-ups? You can find answers to these questions in the upcoming articles.


Already curious? Then find out more at https://www.nic.at/en/good_to_know/domain-know-how/domain-selection-tips and get started with numerous tips and tricks on the subject of domains.