/ 6 tips for a fail-safe DNS

Aug 03

/ nic.at News - 03.08.2023 10:46
6 tips for a fail-safe DNS

The DNS (Domain Name System) is the basis for all services on the Internet. It is necessary for all domain-based services to find the IP address of the corresponding server. This includes, for example, your company's website, web store, e-mail or host names for internal services (e.g. SAP, databases, etc.). It is therefore important that the DNS infrastructure is stable and fail-safe.

Klaus Darilion, Head of Operations at nic.at and the technical mastermind behind RcodeZero DNS, the anycast service from nic.at, reveals tips and tricks on how companies and Internet service providers can make their DNS infrastructure even more secure.

Click here for the guideline for a fail-safe DNS