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Changes to the General Terms and Conditions

More flexibility, less bureaucracy:
our new Terms effective from 1 October 2013.

As of 01/Oct/2013 the new General Terms and Conditions (Terms 2013, version 3.0) will become valid. These will be the benefits for domain holders:

More flexibility, less bureaucracy:

  1. The period for a timely cancellation will be reduced from 28 days to 1 day (point 3.7.).
  2. If your domain is administrated by a partner provider (registrar), there will be further ways to confirm a change of holder or domain cancellation without the need of a signature (point 6.6. and 3.7.).
  3. will no longer request digitally signed e-mails from the domain holder (point 1.2.).
  4. Unless your domain is administrated by a partner provider (registrar), you will have the possibility to receive invoices by e-mail (point 3.3.).
  5. The domain registration process will be standardized (point 3.1.1.).

More clarity:

  1. You can find the full contact data of in the introduction.
  2. You will get informed about the technical service level of (point 4.1.).
  3. We are adapting our Terms to the current jurisdiction (point 4.1. and 4.2.).
  4. In the introduction we are referring to the gender-specific wording.

More transparent formulation of:

  1. Wait status (point 2)
  2. Key date (point 3.2.1)
  3. Right of withdrawal (point 3.2.2.) and
  4. Cancellation in case of price increases (point 3.4.)
  5. Registrar (point 3.9.)

Please find the new Terms (version 3.0), effective from 01/Oct/2013, here: External Link . The current Terms (version 2.0) are available at

With regard to the Austrian Consumer Protection Act (KSchG), consumers have the right to object to the new Terms within one month after their entry into force was announced. In this case, must be informed in writing including the domain(s) concerned.

Please NOTE: Should you object to the new Terms (version 3.0), the current Terms (version 2.0) will remain valid for you. In that case you would waive the above mentioned facilitations and simplifications. This particularly means: cancellation period of 28 days (instead of 1 day) and compulsory signature in case of change of holder and cancellation.

In any case, the registration of your domain will remain unaffected!

We will answer further questions in our special FAQ at External Link. Should you require further information, please contact our customer service. Your registrar has also been informed, so he can give you competent advice.

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