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Explanation video: All-round protection for your domain

A domain is unique and valuable - that's exactly why you should protect it accordingly! For this purpose we offer various security products: Security Lock, DNSSEC and RcodeZero DNS. Here you can find a short overview and a detailed explanation video.


Security Lock

The Security Lock is an additional protection for your .at-domain. If the service is activated, the domain owner or authorized person must authorize any changes to the domain by mail. This means that, for example, your registrar or provider can initiate changes, but they will only be carried out after another authorization by mail. The service costs 250,00 Euro (net) per year and domain.


DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) is a security extension for the Domain Name System and guarantees the authenticity and data integrity of DNS responses. Simply put: DNSSec ensures that you reach the domain in the Internet that you are aiming to reach and prevents the malicious corruption of DNS data (from entry of the domain to display of the website).

RcodeZero DNS

Our RcodeZero DNS Anycast technology allows having the same IP address reachable on multiple geographic locations around the globe. Routing protocols on the Internet ensure that a request reaches the topological closest instance of the anycast cloud. All name servers advertise the same IP address. If a client looks up a domain name, the nearest anycast server will respond. This technology enables a shorter response time, higher capacities and better performance.


All three products are presented in the following video: