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For everyone who can’t afford to let customers down. Secure the availability of your domain with the technology that nic.at as official Domain registry uses. The RcodeZero Anycast network ensures a maximum on stability and performance.

RcodeZero DNS: The technology for experts!

Anycast technology allows having the same IP address reachable on multiple geographic locations around the globe. Routing protocols on the Internet ensure that a request reaches the topological closest instance of the anycast cloud. All name servers advertise the same IP address. If a client looks up a domain name, the nearest anycast server will respond. This technology enables a shorter response time, higher capacities and better performance.

Get more information about RcodeZero DNS: www.rcodezero.at

DNSSEC signed domains: 

DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) is a security extension for the Domain Name System and guarantees the authenticity and data integrity of DNS responses. Simply put: DNSSec ensures that you reach the domain in the Internet that you are aiming to reach and prevents the malicious corruption of DNS data (from entry of the domain to display of the website).

For questions relating to DNSSSEC offers, please contact your Internet service provider. You can also search specifically for a .at partner who offers DNSSec. Use our.at-Partnerfinder for this purpose.

Find further information about DNSSEC in our section Good to now /Technology or in our FAQ category "Domain security".