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Security Lock: Additional security for your .at domain

Security Lock is a service from the registry nic.at and provides additional protection for your .at domain. If the service is activated, the domain holder or authorized person must approve any changes to the domain by e-mail. This means that, for example, your registrar or provider can initiate changes, but they will only be carried out after another authorisation by e-mail. The service costs 250.00 Euro (excl. VAT)* per year and .at domain.

What are the advantages of Security Lock?

Basically all changes regarding a .at domain need to be prompted by the domain holder. However, mistakes happen! And: Deliberate misuse happens, too.

  • With a Security Lock you can protect your domains from unauthorised changes, cancellations or transfers. The risk of your domain being in the wrong hands or being unavailable for a period of time will be minimised.
  • We recommend the Security Lock for businesses, that depend 100 % from their online presence. Equally, issues with the domain could oppose a threat to certain companies in terms of loss of reputation or an uncertainty among customers.
  • Secure your domain with the Security Lock

The registrar’s role concerning the Security Lock?

If your domain is administered through a registrar/provider, you can request Security Lock with your registrar only. Invoice recipient will be the registrar/provider. Please note that your Security Lock Service must be cancelled before you change your provider / registrar. If you want to use this service or if you have any further questions please contact your registrar/provider.

How to activate the Security Lock service as nic.at customer?

To set up the Security Lock service, log into yourcustomer login area and select the desired domain in the account overview, then add Security Lock. Security Lock will be activated and billed immediately, and is valid for an indefinite period of time.

How to authorise a transaction for a Security Lock domain?

As soon as nic.at initiates a change in your domain data, you will receive a link via e-mail at the e-mail address you have entered. By clicking on the link,
you will be forwarded directly to the nic.at website where you can view the amendment, and confirm or reject it. Please note that your Security Lock Service must be cancelled before you change your provider / registrar.

How do I deactivate the Security Lock?

Security Lock expires automatically with the cancellation of the domain in your customer login area, or after a change of domain holder. A cancellation only relates to the Security Lock service - this has no effect on the functionality of your domain. If the annual fee is not paid on time, Security Lock will be deactivated.

Do you have further questions? We are looking forward to your questions at service@nic.at. 

* In the first year, the annual fee for Security Lock will be charged proportionally until the due date of your .at domain. In the following year the annual fee will be EUR 250.- (excl. VAT). If the invoice recipient is outside the EU, the invoice will be issued without VAT. An overview of the EU VAT rates is available at www.nic.at/price. Prices are subject to change without notice.