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/ nic.at News - 05.06.2019 09:39
Domain names reflecting current affairs

Exciting political times not only bring unusual hit rates to media, they also inspire internet users‘ creativity when it comes to domain name registrations. Quotes, word creations and election speculations: A look into the .at zone is a mirror of current events in Austrian internal polictics.

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/ nic.at News - 24.05.2019 08:28
Happy Birthday, GDPR!

The General Data Protection Regulation is celebrating its one-year anniversary: On May 25 last year the European Union implemented the most extensive and attention-grabbing measure in the field of data protection law in Europe. What were the impacts the GDPR regulation had on us as the Austrian registry, which measures have been implemented, and how does our position compared internationally? Time to assess the situation with our legal department’s lawyers Barbara Schloßbauer and Bernhard Erler.

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/ nic-Report - 11.12.2018 14:40
nic//report 2018: A review

Our anniversary year is drawing to a close. In the last nic//report for this year, we take a look back on all the milestones and highlights. We also interviewed to very interesting people: Oliver Hauser - SEO specialist from Salzburg. He talks about his very own domain strategy and what the trends 2019 are. Secondly our beloved Oma Elfriede - respectively the woman behind our campagne heroine. Happy reading!

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