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/ nic-Report - 15.12.2017 11:09
2017: a review

In our current nic//report we want to review the year gone by and to give an outlook on the year to come. Take a dip into the diversified world of nic.at and see what has kept us busy in 2017!

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/ nic-Report - 28.06.2017 17:49
Corporate Design Relaunch 2017

After days and nights spent working away in our offices, comparing notes in various meeting rooms and talking to numerous different agencies, we can now finally present the brand-new nic.at website. As you have probably noticed, we have also given our branding a complete makeover.

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/ nic-Report - 27.02.2017 09:11
.at-report 01/2017 - Domain pulse

What do a leek, a circus tent and award-winning chef Toni Mörwald have in common? That’s right –  all three played a central role at the 2017 Domain pulse evening event at Palazzo in Vienna. Whisking participants off on a journey into the world of the ‘Thrill Seekers’, the spectacular show capped an action-packed opening day at the conference, which was held under the banner of Networks and Networkers this year.

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/ nic-Report - 05.09.2016 09:37
.at-report 2/2016 - Cyberinsurance

“Insurance delivers peace of mind”: that’s the time-honoured promise that brokers have always used to sell their services. But does this also hold true with the kinds of risk only found in the IT sector?

This was the discussion we had with nic.at registrars at a roundtable meeting a few years ago. When the time came to update our registrar contracts we also decided to take a look at issues of liability and possible claims for damages in the domain business. And we soon saw that standard indemnity insurance policies did not extend to various cyber risks.

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/ nic-Report - 19.05.2016 10:37
.at-report 1/2016 - Short domains

“One, two or three – the choice is yours: you have three blanks to choose from!” There’s hardly an Austrian alive that can’t remember the hit TV show with Michael Schanze.  You are probably wondering what that has to do with domains. Particularly as it isn’t even possible to choose between one, two or three, since all .at domains have to have at least three characters – until now, that is!

But like the TV show, that rule is soon to enter the history books: before the year is up, one and two character domains will be available directly under the top level .at domain. This edition of the .at report explains the reasons behind the move and looks at how the launch will play out.

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