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/ nic-Report - 19.11.2020 10:20
nic//report 2020: COVID-19

At the end of a certainly unforgettable year 2020, this nic//report provides exciting insights and facts about the topic "COVID-19" and its impact on the domain industry.

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/ nic-Report - 14.04.2020 10:00
nic//report 2020: Domain pulse

With this nic//report - packed with articles about the exciting presentations of our speakers as well as numerous photos - we look back on a successful Domain pulse 2020 in Innsbruck. By the way: You can find the complete articles online in our news section

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/ nic-Report - 02.12.2019 13:27
nic//report 2019: Market Analysis

Current figures and trends are important for the development of our industry and our services: What is the first click on when searching for companies, artists and private individuals? Which criteria are decisive when choosing the right registrar, and what about the reputation of .at in Austria?

Last May, we conducted a comprehensive survey with the respected online market research institute marketagent, and are pleased to share the results of this customer survey with you.

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/ nic-Report - 18.07.2019 06:59
nic//report 2019: R&D

Ever wondered where the many innovative research projects, ideas and numbers that surround our company originate? Or which tools inform our forecasts and strategic decisions? In this edition of the nic//report, we invite you to take a look behind the scenes at our R&D department and find out about the projects they are working on.

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/ nic-Report - 11.12.2018 14:40
nic//report 2018: A review

Our anniversary year is drawing to a close. In the last nic//report for this year, we take a look back on all the milestones and highlights. We also interviewed to very interesting people: Oliver Hauser - SEO specialist from Salzburg. He talks about his very own domain strategy and what the trends 2019 are. Secondly our beloved Oma Elfriede - respectively the woman behind our campagne heroine. Happy reading!

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