/ Technical informations

The nic.at database and its relevant software is maintained and developed by the University of Vienna. The domain engineers of the Vienna University Computer Center (ZID) have been responsible for these tasks since the internet was launched in Austria. Thus, nic.at can rely on a profound experience and technical competence.

Technical Information about nic.at

.at-Nameserver: practically failsafe

The nic.at database stores all registration data including the relevant nameserver data of its domains. This entry makes sure that a .at-domain is globally accessible. In addition, the data is transmitted to a redundant system of 8 nameservers. With the help of anycast these are reachable at more than 30 locations around the globe. This means that in case of problems with one nameserver, .at-domains are protected multiple times against a loss of information or non-availability. Furthermore the range of nic.at-nameserver-locations is being expanded continuously.

Quality counts and is verified

nic.at invests much effort and know-how in a high data quality of its .at domains. So, each domain application is verified by an automatic check. Even the nameservers of a domain are technically checked – during a registration and modification process. This enables us to maintain a high data quality and add new domains to our Domain Name System that are fully functional.

Continued system improvements

Database specialists and programmers are permanently engaged in making the domain administration more efficient – for us and for you. International contacts and involving the registry technology in scientific projects allow us to be technically up-to-date.