/ at-bot Robot

What is at-bot?

at-bot is a web fetching robot operated by nic.at, the Registry Operator of the ".at" country code top level domain (ccTLD). at-bot fetches start pages of websites under .at (and, occasionally, start pages of web pages under different top level domains when an .at domain redirects to such a page). The requests are identified by the User Agent name "at-bot". at-bot may under certain circumstances also fetch a few pages in addition to the start page, but does never perform a full "crawl".

We use that information to identify the way in which a certain domain name is being used on the web. Furthermore, we classify the website into an industry type if possible (based on the Domain Industry Taxonomy).

Server Load Limitation

at-bot uses a load spreading technology to reduce the load on the visited web servers. Since at-bot never fetches more than a few pages per domain, this should not put a noticable load on your server.

Avoid fetching of information by at-bot

If you do not wish at-bot to fetch information from your site please add "at-bot" to your robots.txt (see the Robots Exclusion Standard) as follows:

User-Agent: at-bot

Disallow: /

Feedback and problems?

Although at-bot fetches very few pages and therefore should not put any noticeable strain on your server, we apologize for any inconvenience it may cause and would ask you to notify nic.at about any problems. Please send us an E-Mail to at-bot-feedback@nic.at so that we can investigate and resolve that issue.