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.at belongs to Austria

Show where you are from! Users can identify the .at domain ending at a glance and know that Austria is your home or that you also offer your services here. Make use of the home advantage!

.at is found quickly

With .at, your website comes up tops in search engine rankings. Because the country code .at is well-established, frequently searched for and readily clicked. The regional reference helps customise search results to reach the proper target group.

.at offers security

Cutting edge server technology and regular system improvements ensure the optimum protection of our name servers against failure. Besides, we set great store by security certifications and regular security updates. And if conflicts ever do arise: All .at domains are managed in Austria and subject to Austrian legislation.

.at is a must-have – everything else is icing on the cake

You want to go far with your company. So make sure to register .com right away? Sure, you can do that – but first your company will have to succeed in the domestic market. So, better to secure yourself your .at domain first and benefit from the security and high level of recognition of this domain ending in Austria during the difficult early stages. You can always still reach for the stars later.

.at makes it possible

Get creative! With .at, you can register domains with or without a hyphen, with umlauts, numbers and even special characters. As a result, fancy company or product names and web offers in other languages are no problem – and there are practically no limits to your imagination.

.at is your business card in the internet

Even as a private individual you want to make a professional appearance online. Aside from your own website with your name, this also includes a respectable e-mail address. Say goodbye to your free webmail provider and conduct your correspondence using only your own name from now on!


.at builds confidence

The domain ending .at has been around for over 30 years – no wonder everyone is familiar with it and trusts it. And this is exactly the type of trust you signal when you present yourself online using .at.

.at brings your ideas to the internet

Use web addresses for your marketing strategy! Whether you want to put a new product on the market or have a brilliant campaign idea: With the appropriate .at domains, you can put your advertising message on the internet with ease and inexpensively. Company names, brands, product designations, slogans or claims – .at opens up a lot of interesting internet marketing possibilities to you. There is still a multitude of terms and combinations available with the .at ending and even more ending in co.at and or.at.

upon request, .at protects your domain even better

We take internet security very seriously: That is why we offer additional security options as needed, on top of our standard security features. Maximum security is a must in all cases where sensitive data is stored and transmitted, such as web shops or online banking. With the security extension DNSSEC and the Security Lock service, you can play it completely safe – your customers will thank you!

.at will make sure that you make it big

You are a brand yourself and at home on all the social media channels? Then it's high time you level up your web presence! Don't be an internet nomad and give your personality the platform it deserves instead. Because there is only one topic on your own homepage: you.

.at has the perfect partner for you

Our .at sales partners won't leave you out in the rain and will offer you comprehensive service for everything relating to your web presence in a one-stop shop. You can find the right partner for your individual needs using our .at partner finder.