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TLD Box Basic

All versions of registry-in-a-box are based on the same technical infrastructure and core system, which holds all the TLD registration data and provides interfaces to Registrars and operations staff. It also supplies the DNS infrastructure with registration data.

The components of the core system include:

  •  a state-of-the-art data centre infrastructure with dual upstream connectivity.
  • gclustered servers for registry databases and front-ends.
  • registry-in-a-box software, reflecting the experience and development effort of approximately 100 man-years.
  • an EPP interface according to ICANN’s gTLD specifications. The interface is used by Registrars to provision domain names in the TLD.
  • a WHOIS interface as required by ICANN’s specifications, even exceeding the required service levels.
  • a domain availability interface based on the “finger” protocol.
  • a Service API interface to connect the core registry to supplemental services such as web interfaces, payment gateway etc.
  • prepaid infrastructure holding prepaid credit counters for each individual registrar.
  • a test system that is functionally equivalent to the live registry system.

DNS Infrastructure: Fast, Secure and Reliable

TLD Box DNS architecture relies on a perfect mix of unicast and anycast technology. This infrastructure creates DNS information from registry data, performs DNSSEC processing and finally deploys the zone on public nameservers.

It provides:

  • DNSSEC infrastructure for signing the TLD including processes, hard- and software for key management.
  • a hidden primary nameserver, which is the zone-transfer source for the global nameserver network.
  • the high-performance RcodeZero Anycast DNS network of IPCom, a nic.at company, as well as two physically separate Unicast nameservers. Additional anycast networks  can be integrated.

Management and Reporting: Easy, Comprehensive and Customer-Friendly

TLD Box includes a web-based registry panel for the TLD operator to supervise and manage the registry system. It offers all necessary functionality to manage registrar data and payment information, to search, display and perform domain data and domain transactions and to view statistics as well as reports.

Furthermore, the system includes the functionality to perform escrow procedures and reporting, as required by ICANN.

Monitoring and Data Resilience: twenty-four-seven

The entire registry and DNS infrastructure is permanently monitored by our 24/7 network operations center (NOC), which handles potential incidents and service outages on system alerts.

Data, logs and software from the TLD infrastructure are archived in a physically separate off-site storage library. In addition, the operational data is continuously mirrored to a standby infrastructure at an emergency location for smooth failover and non-stop operations. Regular recovery procedures verify the integrity, security and availability of backup data and emergency resources.

Who is tldbox GmbH?

tldbox GmbH is a sister company of nic.at, the Austrian Registry for .at, .co.at and .or.at Domains. nic.at has managed the .at zone successfully since 1998. As a center of excellence regarding domains, nic.at is now putting its expertise and software developments at the disposal of other TLD registries as well as applicants for a new gTLD within the ICANN new gTLD program.


tldbox GmbH
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