/ SIDN signs up for nic.at anycast network RcodeZero DNS to ensure permanent availability of its almost 6 million Dutch domains

Mar 13

/ Press-Reports - 13.03.2018 13:12
SIDN signs up for nic.at anycast network RcodeZero DNS to ensure permanent availability of its almost 6 million Dutch domains

The Dutch registry SIDN and Austria’s registry nic.at have signed a cooperation agreement, under which all domains managed by SIDN will additionally be hosted on the nic.at anycast network RcodeZero DNS. The agreement was announced by SIDN’s CEO Roelof Meijer and nic.at CEO Richard Wein on the sidelines of the ICANN meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

“We are very happy and proud to offer our technical services to the third largest European ccTLD, “ says Richard Wein, CEO of nic.at. With almost 6 million domains under .nl, .amsterdam, .aw and .politie, SIDN is becoming the biggest customer of the RcodeZero TLD DNS network. A network which already hosts twelve different TLDs at thirteen highly available redundant locations all over the world.

Roelof Meijer, SIDN’s CEO, explains the reasons why they decided for RcodeZero DNS: “First of all, it was important for us to have a partner under EU jurisdiction and data protection law. Secondly, we were impressed by nic.at’s technical know-how and flexibility, as well as their readiness to develop their product further based on our needs.“ In recent years, SIDN has constantly been improving and optimising its DNS infrastructure with anycast partners to guarantee the best possible availability of .nl domains.

RcodeZero DNS will soon be expanded with additional nodes in Australia and South America to provide better performance and lower latency for customers in those areas, too.  However, RcodeZero DNS, had other attractions for a technician, as confirmed by Marc Groeneweg, Coordinator of DNS Ops Team at SIDN: “It’s important for us to have comprehensive statistics and real-time DNS traffic information to further analyse our infrastructure, as a basis for continued improvement of our infrastructure.“

The technical work of integrating all Dutch domains into the network has just been completed and the set-up is now ready for public production.

About SIDN SIDN’s main role is acting as the registry for .nl – the Netherlands’ country-code top-level domain (ccTLD). The company registers .nl domain names and makes it possible to reach the almost 6 million registered domain names on the internet. Every day, its systems process more than a billion search queries. The .nl domain is widely recognised as one of the world’s best ccTLDs. Using the knowledge and experience gained in its main role, SIDN also provides registry services for other top-level domains, such as Aruba’s country-code domain .aw. We provide management solutions for trust frameworks as well. The company is also active in the development of products and services that contribute to internet security.

About nic.at and RcodeZero TLD DNS
RcodeZero DNS is provided by ipcom, a subsidiary of the Austrian domain registry nic.at. nic.at has managed the .at-zone since 1998 on a highly professional and reliable level. The RcodeZero DNS network has been developed by nic.at’s R&D department and has been successfully in use for zones like .at and a dozen other ccTLD and new gTLDs. External name service monitoring by RIPE NCC proves that .at is one of the most reliable top level domains. More information at www.rcodezero.at