/ nic.at receives quality seal for workplace health promotion

Oct 01

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nic.at receives quality seal for workplace health promotion

In mid-September 2020, a total of 45 Salzburg companies and institutions were awarded the "Seal of Quality for Workplace Health Promotion (BGF)" by the Austrian Health Insurance Fund - including nic.at. This is the highest Austrian award for exemplary and sustainable investments in the health of employees.




Workplace Health Promotion is a modern corporate strategy. It ensures that employees feel comfortable at their workplace even under workload and that they are not only satisfied and healthy, but also more concentrated and therefore more efficient. The goal is a long-term and lasting change in working conditions under the aspect of health promotion. After all, physical, mental and social well-being does not only depend on the personal lifestyle, but is above all influenced by the circumstances of life - and thus also the workplace where a large part of life is spent.

At nic.at there are numerous initiatives for employees, which have been integrated into the daily work routine in a sustainable way thanks to the BGF project:

  • Optimizations around the workplace and work processes
  • Training and further education
  • Workshops on proper nutrition and healthy breaks with daily fresh fruit
  • Regular exercise units and joint sports after-work activities such as hiking, bouldering and participation in races

Another important measure is the retention of the health team at nic.at as well as a regular exchange in order to benefit from the already many positive changes in the long run: "Workplace health promotion is absolutely close to our heart as a company and we are therefore very happy about this award. The offered activities are very well accepted by the colleagues and do not only ensure the health of each individual, but also a very positive working atmosphere", Martina Salzmann, responsible for BGF at nic.at, is satisfied.

By the way, the criteria for the award of the seal of approval for workplace health promotion are based on the quality criteria of the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion. The seal of approval is awarded for a period of three years, a new application is possible at any time.

A few impressions of our BGF activities since 2018: