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Jul 15

/ nic.at News - 15.07.2019 09:47
nic.at launches domain holder surveys

Domain holders will now receive a link to a survey at marketagent.com in the email confirmation of each of their domain registrations, terminations, or registrar transfers. Together with Austria's leading online market research institute, nic.at is asking current (and former) domain holders about their domain usage, as well as their satisfaction with the domain transaction and their domain provider.

Participation in the survey is, of course, voluntary and all data will be kept strictly anonymous and confidential. Neither nic.at nor marketagent.com can use the survey data to obtain personal data or to identify a specific domain provider. nic.at receives the survey results anonymously and cumulatively.

The survey is combined with a prize draw to win an e-scooter - participation in the draw is also voluntary. If a domain holder would like to participate, they can enter an e-mail address where nic.at can contact the winner of the draw. The survey data will be included in the results whether or not the domain holder participates in the prize draw.

The evaluations of the survey will help nic.at and the .at registrars to improve their services and to analyse the image of the Top Level Domain .at. For questions about the survey, please contact pr@nic.at.