/ Whois Policy

It is international practice for registrars to make domain data (referred to as WHOIS data) publicly available. On the one hand, this is to be able to find out who is responsible for website content and offers. For not all pages contain the legal notice prescribed by law. On the other hand, this is to be able to contact the domain holder directly in the event of a legal infringement (regarding content, spam, domain grabbing, etc.)

Publication regulated in the nic.at General Terms and Conditions

With the registration of a domain, the holder expressly accepts the publication of his data (General Terms and Conditions, Point 1.5). This also applies if the domain was registered by a different person on the customer's behalf.

Publication can only be prevented by appointment of a trustee

Display of the telephone or fax number as well as the e-mail address can be disabled - this requires modification of the personal data. If the entire data should be concealed from the public, you will need the help of a trustee (e.g. notary, lawyer, Internet service provider) to whom you transfer the domain with a change of holder. Make sure to define the trustee's responsibilities related to the domain in a contract (preferably in writing), as the trustee will show up as the official domain holder on nic.at, and shall be authorised to make all decisions in its regard.

WHOIS queries are subject to copyright.

The nic.at WHOIS database is a copyrighted database. Single domain queries are available to the Internet community free of charge until further notice. nic.at retains the exclusive right to copy, distribute, transmit or communicate the database or parts of the database to the public.