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When you register a domain name under the .at top-level domain, you enter into a contract with nic.at. Our company name and contact information are as follows:

Company name: nic.at GmbH
Address: Jakob-Haringer-Straße 8/V, 5020 Salzburg, Austria
Telephone: +43 662 46 69 -0 
Fax: +43 662 46 69 -29
E-mail: service@nic.at
Website: www.nic.at

By registering a .at domain (regardless of whether with an Internet service provider or directly with nic.at), you conclude a contract with nic.at. The registration contract is subject to nic.at's General Terms and Conditions and registration guidelines:

Download pdf General Terms and Conditions

Download pdf Registration Guidelines

Your .at domain name is a name which is unique on the Internet worldwide and can be chosen freely under the .at top-level domain in accordance with the registration guidelines. A domain name can be used for web services, e-mail, FTP and other services.

The price per domain name is EUR 34.00 plus value-added tax (VAT) for delegation and the annual fee of EUR 34.00 plus VAT for the first year. The amount of VAT charged will depend on the country in which the invoice recipient is based. In Austria, the VAT rate is 20 %, meaning that a domain name costs EUR 81.60 in the first year and EUR 40.80 for each additional year; all tax rates can be found at www.nic.at/price . All fees are to be paid in advance upon initial registration (by bank debit authorization, credit card/debit card, EPS transfer or Paypal).

Special rates apply for collective billing starting from 50 domains (25 % off retail price) and for nic.at registrars.

The registration contract is subject to nic.at's General Terms and Conditions and registration guidelines:

From a legal standpoint, the domain contract is a mixed agreement (both an independent contract for work and a contract for services). The registration contract is a contract concluded for an indefinite period of time which can only be terminated by cancelling the domain registration. Therefore, the obligation to pay for the domain name does not lapse until the contract has been terminated. Domain holders are charged for domain names annually on the basis of the service period, which begins on the day of domain delegation and lasts one year.

The domain holder can cancel the domain registration at any time, effective immediately or at the end of the current service period. The cancellation notice must be submitted at the latest one day before the start of the new service period. Domain holders have no claim to reimbursement of any fees paid for services not used in their entirety, even in cases where the cancellation takes effect before the current service period has ended.

The fees are to be paid in advance. You can pay the fees by bank debit authorization, credit card/debit card, EPS transfer or Paypal. nic.at will send the invoice for domain registration within five working days. Subsequent annual fees will be due no later than the cutoff date defined for the domain name in question.

Complaints are to be directed to our Service Department (telephone: 43 662 469 -840; e-mail: service@nic.at). The Service Department is available from Monday to Friday (except on legal holidays in Austria) from 8 am to 6 pm CET.For consumers as defined in the Austrian Consumer Protection Act, the right of rescission for domain names under the .at top-level domain is stipulated as follows:
The domain name is delegated immediately upon receipt of the order. As a result, this part of the contract is fulfilled by nic.at immediately and the consumer does not have a right of rescission with regard to delegation. The delegation fee must be paid in any case.

With regard to the annual domain fee, however, consumers have the right to rescind the contract without specifying reasons for doing so within 14 days of concluding the contract. In order to rescind the contract, it is sufficient if the consumer sends the rescission notification before the end of this period. A sample rescission form is available here .
In such cases, nic.at will refund the payment received for the current year's annual domain fee within 14 days after receiving the notification of rescission. Unless explicitly agreed or specified otherwise, the refund will be transferred using the same means of payment used for the order. No fee will be charged for the refund.

The following bodies are in charge of contractual disputes between consumers and nic.at:

Taking part in alternative dispute resolution is a voluntary action - for the consumer as well as for nic.at.

In order to effect rescission within the specified period, it is sufficient if the consumer sends a notification exercising his/her right of rescission before the end of the fourteen-day period. Notifications of rescission are not subject to any specific formal requirements. In order to exercise their right of rescission, consumers must notify nic.at of the rescission by sending an unequivocal declaration in writing (e.g. by post, fax or e-mail). A sample rescission form is available here.


If you could not find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact our customer service department : +43 662 46 69 -850.