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Domain search made easy: The  nic.at Domainfinder provides you with a list of further suggestions when querying a domain name - it is the first domain suggestion tool that has been adapted to the German language. The desired domain can then be put directly into the shopping cart in order to be registered. Try out the nic.at Domainfinder right away and enter your desired domain below:

API for integration into your website

The nic.at Domainfinder API allows the integration of the Domainfinder service into any website or provisioning backend system by means of a REST based API. Based on an input term or domain name, It returns a list of up to 25 suggestions of .at domain names available for registration, depending on the input string. The specifications of the service are as follows:

  • Available via HTTP as well as HTTPS, under the URL https://domainfinder.nic.at/api/v1/suggest
  • The only supported (and required) parameter is “term”, which accepts the input domain name or term. In that parameter, IDN strings must by supplied in U-label form (UTF-8)
  • Results are returned as an JSON array of available names, in UTF-8 encoding.  IDN Domains are represented in U-Label form here as well.
  • When no suggestions are available, the API returns an empty JSON array.
  • In case of errors, the API responds with status code 400, and an object-encoded error message, with “message” being the only attribute of that object.
  • Availability information is near-real time. This means that in rare cases, the Interface might return a name as suggestion that became unavailable a few seconds ago.
  • CORS headers are set so that the API can be directly integrated into any 3rd-party website.
  • During normal load conditions, the response time of the service is under 300ms. The service is rate-limited on a per IP basis to 60 requests per minute.

The nic.at suggestion tool of nic.at automatically generates suggestions for possiblepotential, still available domains under .at, .co.at and .or.at. This happens exclusively on the basis of technical algorithms without human interaction, thus without visual control or preselection by nic.at. Likewise, there is no legal assessment of the proposed terms by nic.at, which is why nic.at takes no responsibility for the proposals. The sole responsibility lies exclusively with the users who usesof this tool. Likewise, compliance with the relevant legal provisions in the actual selection and registration of the domains is the sole responsibility of the applicant. See also in regard to this point 1.6. of the general terms and conditions of nic.at.