/ Onlineauftrag

What is an online application form?

By using what is known as an "online application form", the data to be modified is submitted electronically to nic.at GmbH, the central registry for .at domains

This can be done in two ways:

  • either via your Internet service provider/registrar who submits the data directly to nic.at using a technical interface

  • or via the Login area on the nic.at website. (Please note that this is only possible if your .at domain is administrated directly with nic.at)

As a result, nic.at can transfer the changed data for a .at domain into the technical systems directly without manual interaction.

In what cases is an online application form needed?

  1. Modification of data of the present domain holder.
    Further details are available here.
  2. Modification of other data regarding an existing .at domain (change technical contact (Tech-C), billing contact, name server and similar).
    Further details are available here.

  3. Change of registrar (registrar transfer)
    In the event of a change of registrar, the new Internet service provider/registrar is the relevant contact point. He initiates the transfer in the nic.at system on the domain holder's behalf. For the transfer he needs a confirmation code (" AuthInfo") from the domain holder who receives this code from his previous Internet service provider/registrar. In exceptional cases, the new Internet service provider/registrar can request a confirmation token from nic.at which nic.at then e-mails directly to the domain holder or - subject to the domain holder's written agreement - to the new Internet service provider/registrar. For domains administered directly with nic.at that are to be transferred to an Internet service provider/registrar, the domain holder can request the Authinfo directly in customer login.

  4. Change of domain holder
    The online application form must contain the data of the new domain holder. If the domain is transferred to a new Internet service provider/registrar at the same time that the domain holder changes, the new registrar shall be the responsible contact partner: With the AuthInfo he can take over the domain (see above: change of registrar) and subsequently change the holder's data. The previous domain holder shall be required to hand over the AuthInfo to the new domain holder so that he can relay it to the new registrar.

Necessary steps?

If your domain is administrated by an Internet service provider/registrar, such Internet service provider/registrar shall be responsible for relaying the online application to nic.at. Registrars are authorised to carry out changes on behalf of the domain holder.

Modifications that the domain holder arranges for directly with nic.at, may require a fax confirmation in addition to the online application. More information on changes via customer login can be found here.