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What is an online-application form?

By using a so-called online-application form the data that shall be modified regarding a domain is submitted electronically to GmbH, the registry for .at-Domains.
This can take place

  • either via the ISP/Registrar in duty of domain administration, who submits the data by using a technical interface;
  • or by using the webform on External Link

The online-application provides the possibility to transfer the changed data of a domain into the technical system without manual interaction.

In which cases is an online-application form needed?

  1. Modification of data of the domain holder
    Further Details: External Link 

  2. Modifciation of other data regarding an existing domain
    (change of AdminC, TechC, billing contact, nameserver etc).
    Further Details:

  3. Change of Registrar (Registrar-Transfer)
    In case of a Registrar-Transfer the new registrar is the competent authority. He starts the registrar-transfer in the system by order of the domain holder. For the transfer he needs the " AuthInfo" from the domain holder who will receive it from his current registrar. In exceptional cases the new registrar can request a token code from which is sent to the domain holder or - if the domain holder agrees in written - to the new registrar. For domains which are administered in the end customer system and shall be transferred to a registrar, the domain holder can request a token code External Link on the website.

  4. Change of the domain holder
    The online-application form has to contain the data of the new domain holder.
    If together with the change of domain holder the domain shall be transferred to a new registrar, the new registrar is the competent authority: With the AuthInfo he can take over the domain (see above: change of registrar) and change the holder's data. The previous domain holder has to hand over the AuthInfo to the new domain holder so that he can forward it to the new registrar.

Necessary steps?

The submission of the online-application to for .at shall be done directly by the registrar that administers the relevant domain by order of the domain holder.
Modifications that are requested by the domain-holder directly at need a signed fax confirmation in addition to the online-application. As soon as both requirements are met and evaluated positively by the modification will be fulfilled.



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