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Domain modification

A)  Domain modification by registrar/ISP

If your domain is administrated by a registrar, please contact him in order to have your domain data changed. Generally, many ISPs offer the service of making ISP transfers or data modifications on behalf of their customers.

B)  Make a domain modification yourself

If you wish to change your domain data yourself, please use our web form.

Process of a data modification

IMPORTANT! Confirmation from the domain holder

Domain modifications must always be acknowledged by the domain holder personally. An ISP is not considered as an authorised representative! (Except registrars) Only in case of a domain transfer to a registrar, the transaction can be confirmed via AuthInfo or token code. Detailed information can be found here.

Modification of a NICAT-handle

You can modify the data of a domain’s contact person (admin-c, tech-z, zone-c) at any time by sending a proper online application.

Please note that NICAT-handles which are also used for a domain holder can NOT be modified. Please make a domain modification in this case.

If your domain is directly administrated by a registrar, please contact him in order to have your NICAT-handle changed.

Bulk modifications

You can request a bulk modification for at least 25 domains. This means that you don’t have to fill in many separate applications.

Duration of a data modification

As soon as all necessary elements have been submitted successfully, the data modification will be completed within one to three workdays. Modifications requested by registrars take effect immediately, as no additional confirmation is required. Our notification system informs you about the status of the requested modification and about possible erroneous applications or missing documents.



Related FAQ

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How do I make a data modification?

The relevant data must be sent to electronically - via online application (usually by the ISP). In addition, most data modifications require a written confirmation from the domain holder. As soon as both are available, the modification will be processed. If your ISP is also a registrar, please contact him in order to change data.

If you want to modify a NICAT-handle, please complete the corresponding online form. Please note that this modification of a handle is only possible if the handle is neither administrated by a registrar nor used as a handle of a domain holder.

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My domain is administered directly at - how do I get my AuthInfo?

In this case you can request a token code External Link on the website which will be sent to the e-mail address in the domain holder's data. This code is valid for 21 days and is bound to a specific ISP/registrar. Once you have received the token code and transmitted it to your new ISP/provider, he can take the domain automatically into his administration. Alternatively, also the new ISP/registrar can request a token code, but it will always be sent to the domain holder.

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How does process data modifications?

Electronic applications for a data change undergo a technical check first, which ensures that all the information required has been specified and is both legible and plausible. Afterwards, a visual check is performed by our team in to check whether the modification is in compliance with the domain holder's will and whether the written confirmation corresponds with the electronic data. If everything is correct, the modification will be performed. In case of errors the applicant will be informed by e-mail.

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What is a change of the holder and how can it be performed?

A change of the domain holder is the transfer of a domain to another natural or legal person. In case of an organisation, modifications of the legal form or company name are also regarded as a change of the holder. Both the old and the new domain holder must confirm this transfer in writing. The required document can be found here. In addition, the data must be submitted to via online application (usually by the ISP).

If together with the change of domain holder the domain shall be transferred to a new registrar, the new registrar is the competent authority: With the AuthInfo he can take over the domain (see above: change of registrar) and change the holder's data. The previous domain holder has to hand over the AuthInfo to the new domain holder so that he can forward it to the new registrar.