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What is a domain certificate and who receives it?

The certificate is a sort of deed of ownership for the domain holder. The certificate download link on the website is sent to the domain holder's e-mail address. The certificate can be viewed or downloaded at any time on the website.

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How is the contract closed between and the domain holder?

When you register a .at-domain, you are asked to accept the General Terms and Conditions. This agreement is also binding for the holder if the registration was made by an ISP/registrar on behalf of the domain holder. Detailed information is available here PDF Link.

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What is "first come, first served" and how can it be verified?

"First come, first served" means that domain registrations are processed in the order of their receipt and that the first correct application leads to a delegation. Each electronic application gets a unique ticket number upon receipt, which makes the order clearly visible at any time.