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Legal information

Legal information

The internet is not a lawless space. All laws of the "real" life also apply to the virtual area. Thus, every domain holder is liable for the name and content of his domain.

No legal check in case of a registration

If a new domain is registered, does not check whether rights have been violated. Otherwise the delegation would take weeks or even months. As a consequence, the verification whether rights are violated is the duty of the domain holder. If a domain name violates your rights to a name or trademark right, please contact the legal department.

Assistance in case of domain disputes: Wait status

In case of a legal dispute regarding a domain, the Wait status should be requested for the relevant domain. The domain remains fully operational. While it can be cancelled by the domain holder, a transfer to a third party is not possible. The Wait status can be requested by anyone. However, the legal fundamentals must be evident.



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