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Fax confirmations

For a domain modification normally needs an online application as well as the domain holder’s confirmation – usually via fax.
Note: Please contact the ISP if your domain is administrated by a registrar.

Pre-completion of fax confirmations

Please click the proper symbol in order to generate a pre-completed PDF-document. The confirmation must be signed by the domain holder himself (including a company sign for companies).

Validity and duration of a modification will process your modification as soon as both the complete document and the corresponding online application (if needed) have been submitted. Please not that a confirmation form or an online application only stays valid for two months. The following list shows which types of data modification require a fax confirmation. Click the transaction type in order to get a detailed description.

Our fax number: +43/662/46 69-29

pre- filled
New registration--
Modification of holder's data  -
Modification of nameserver -
Change of holder  -
Modification of billing contact
Modification of DNSSEC-records -
Withdrawal of cancellation- -
Modification of IP-address--
Creation of a handle--
Modification of handle-data--
Modification of contacts--
Bulk change of holder Standard E-Mail TXT Link -
Bulk modification of ISP / nameservers Standard E-Mail TXT Link -
Bulk modification of billing contact- -
Direct debit authorization- -
Rescission of domain registration contract- -



Related FAQ

fold faq
How do I make a data modification?

The relevant data must be sent to electronically - via online application (usually by the ISP). In addition, most data modifications require a written confirmation from the domain holder. As soon as both are available, the modification will be processed. If your ISP is also a registrar, please contact him in order to change data.

If you want to modify a NICAT-handle, please complete the corresponding online form. Please note that this modification of a handle is only possible if the handle is neither administrated by a registrar nor used as a handle of a domain holder.

fold faq
My domain is administered directly at - how do I get my AuthInfo?

In this case you can request a token code External Link on the website which will be sent to the e-mail address in the domain holder's data. This code is valid for 21 days and is bound to a specific ISP/registrar. Once you have received the token code and transmitted it to your new ISP/provider, he can take the domain automatically into his administration. Alternatively, also the new ISP/registrar can request a token code, but it will always be sent to the domain holder.

fold faq
What kinds of data modifications are there? distinguishes between change of the holder, modification of holder data, change of the ISP or nameservers, modification of the billing address, data modifications of person objects and adding new contacts to a domain.
As the domain holder you can modify this data at any time, either separately or at once. You must send both a written confirmation and an electronic order to - via online application or via your ISP. registrars do not have to forward the domain holder's written confirmation for all transaction types.