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Fees and billing

New registration incl. 1st annual fee

EUR 60,-*

Each following year

EUR 30,-*

* excl- 20% VAT, free of tax only outside of the EU or on notification about the VAT-ID number.

Starting from January 1st 2015, the VAT rate from the respective EU country comes into effect

Due to the EU Directive 2006/112/EG all telecommunications and digital services must be taxed in the respective EU country where the beneficiary of the services is based. Starting from January 1st 2015, invoices customers, who are also beneficiaries of the service, with the tax rate of the respective EU country. In case the beneficiary is located outside of the EU, no tax has to be paid with this purchase.
You find the list of VAT rate of the EU member states here PDF Link.

Discounts provides 3% discount on future invoices in case of a direct debit transfer. The key date is the date of receipt of the direct debit authorisation. 3 % discount are also provided for e-mail-invoices (instead of postal invoices). However, only a maximum of 3 % discount is possible.

Further special conditions are applicable for combined invoicing in case of more than 50 domains (25% on the purchase price) and for registrars.



Related FAQ

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Are there any discounts? offers a 3% discount on future domain invoices for payment via automatic debit transfer. The key date is the date on which receives the direct debit authorisation. also provides a 3% discount to e-mail incoices (see also the FAQ "How do I receive my billing documents?"). Further special conditions are applicable for combined invoice recipients who have more than 50 domains and for registrars. Outstanding accounts are collected at maturity.

fold faq
What is special about the billing system?

Domains are charged annually – but according to the service period of the relevant domain rather than along with the calendar year. The service period begins at the day of the domain delegation and lasts for one year.

The fees are to be paid in advance. The invoice for the registration of a domain will be dispatched after about five working days. The following annual fees are due to be paid within 45 days after billing. The invoice can be cancelled if the domain cancellation has been submitted in due time (one day before the beginning of a new service period).