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Domain Registration

.at,, offers you .at, and as an ending for your domain name. If you want to register a different top level domain (.com, .info. etc.) please contact the corresponding registry or your ISP. The registration of .at-domains is free for private persons and organisations worldwide, and does not limit the number of domains per holder.

First make the nameserver entries for the domain

.at-domains must be technically operative even at the time of the actual registration. This is accomplished by entering the domain name in at least two nameservers. The technical functionality (as well as the formal correctness of the data) is checked on each application. In case of errors, you will receive a detailed error message via e-mail. The nameservers are usually provided by internet service providers. In most cases, these ISPs also make the domain registration for you. ISPs who closely cooperate with can be found in our registrar list.

Pre-completion for online applications

If you send domain applications via web-form, you can use the data of existing domains. Just enter the domain name whose data you want to use. This saves your time and helps us to store identical data.

Duration of the registration process

A domain registration is usually completed within a few minutes. As long as the application is technically correct, you can use your domain even on the same day. If the application contains errors, the applicant will be informed via e-mail.

Certificate for the domain holder offers every domain holder the possibility to download the current whois-data in the form of the domain certificate. Naturally, this services if for free.

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Related FAQ

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What is a valid domain holder?

Either an organization or a natural person must be specified as the domain holder. Organisations that are incorporated enterprises (e.g. general partnerships, limited liability companies, associations, etc.) have to be specified completely in the organisation field including the legal form (if available). If a person is specified additionally in the name field, this person merely acts as a contact and not as the domain holder. In case of organisations that are not incorporated enterprises, a natural person must be specified additionally in the name field, who is the actual holder holder of the domain. e.g.: org.: Boarding House Customer – name.: John Customer means that Mr. John customer is the domain holder unless the boarding house Customer is an incorporated enterprise. Domain holders that are natural persons must be completely specified in the name field with a full first and last name. Umlauts can not be used for the specification of the domain holder.

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What are the sub-domains "", "" for and where can they be registered?

Domains below "" (academic) are reserved for universities and schools and can be registered at the Austrian Academic Computer Network ACOnet External Link.
"" is for governmental use and can be registered via the Federal Chancellery of the Republic of Austria External Link.

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Where can domains other than .at be registered?

A list of the global country-specific registries can be found on the homepage of IANA External Link (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). We recommend that you contact an ISP in order to register a certain domain.