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Domain certificate

After the registration of a .at-domain sends a domain certificate to the holder via e-mail, which proves the success of the registration and allows him to check the correctness of his data. This service is free of charge.

Certificate download

The certificate can be downloaded from the web at any time and as often as you wish. Just go to the menu item Download certificate, enter the domain name in the proper field and click "search".

In order to view the document, you need the Acrobat Reader software ( avalilable for free External Link) and a browser which is IE 5.0 Service Pack 2 compatible.

False data on your certificate?

Please make a modification (online or via your ISP) in order to correct your domain data.

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Related FAQ

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What is a domain certificate and who receives it?

The certificate is a sort of deed of ownership for the domain holder. The certificate download link on the website is sent to the domain holder's e-mail address. The certificate can be viewed or downloaded at any time on the website.

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What shall I do if there is wrong data on the certificate?

The data on the certificate is identical to the current data entry. If this date is not correct, please make a data modification (online or via your ISP) and send us the new data. Some modifications must be confirmed by you as the domain holder in writing.

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I cannot open the certificate. What can i do?

If opening the certificate should result in an error message, please ensure, that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Problems can also occur with older versions of the Reader. Therefore please download the newest version here External Link, if you encounter any problems.

If installing the newest Acrobat Reder - version still doesn't solve your problem, feel free contact our service-team Mailto Link. They will gladly send you your domain-certificate via e-mail.