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Invoice recipient

Domains are usually debited via ISPs or registrars, but it is also possible for the domain holder or other persons to become the invoice recipient of a domain. Please note that your internet service provider will also charge fees for his services. Those are not included in the domain fee! The domain holder can change the invoice recipient at any time.


The delegation-fee as well as the usage fee for the first year are to be payed during the registration process.

Fees are charged for each service period (=1 year). The following invoices are made out 45 days before the due date. Invoices that have already been issued remain valid and are demanded unless the domain is cancelled within the stipulated time period. The second payment reminder is automatically sent to the domain holder.



Related FAQ

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Which information is needed if the invoice recipient wants to change his data?

Via e-mail

If you only want to modify the data of the invoice recipient, just send an e-mail to Mailto Link including the following information:

  • customer number
  • company, department, contact person
  • address, telephone number and e-mail

If the invoice recipient is identical to the domain holder, the domain data must also be updated via .

Maintain your data online

This allows you to make modifications to your address and other data. In doing so, you will have the following advantages:

  • fast and secure connection via SSL
  • view and modify address data
  • view invoices
  • create invoice copies
  • information about open accounts
  • issue of direct debit authorisations or payment via credit card
  • change of dispatch type
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What is special about the billing system?

Domains are charged annually – but according to the service period of the relevant domain rather than along with the calendar year. The service period begins at the day of the domain delegation and lasts for one year.

The fees are to be paid in advance. The invoice for the registration of a domain will be dispatched after about five working days. The following annual fees are due to be paid within 45 days after billing. The invoice can be cancelled if the domain cancellation has been submitted in due time (one day before the beginning of a new service period).

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Does the invoice recipient hold any rights regarding the domain?

No, as the exclusive domain rights are held by the domain holder. The invoice recipient just gets the invoices. If he doesn’t pay, the holder will be informed.