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Service & Support

We are glad that you have chosen a .at-domain. In support area you will find information regarding any questions about .at-domains. If you have any questions or suggestions, our staff members will gladly be at your disposal. is the official registration and administration office for all domain names below .at, and administrates the data of the registered domains, but is NOT an internet services provider and thus doesn’t offer any additional services (e.g. e-mail account etc.).

Contract with

You are our contractual partner with regard to your domain. This contract is based on the General Terms and Conditions. Any other internet services (nameserver, e-mail, webspace etc.) are services provided by your ISP – thus they are not a part of your contract with more ...

Domain rights

As the domain holder you have all rights regarding your domain, even if the ISP has registered it on your behalf. This also means that you are liable for your domain. more ...

Modify data

As the domain holder you can have your domain data modified at any time. If the domain is administrated by a registrar, it is recommendable to assign him with the modification. Otherwise, it is required to send the data electronically – via online application (usually by the ISP) – as well as your written confirmation, so that no modification can be made without your authorisation. mehr …

Cancel a domain

A domain can be cancelled at any time, but only by the domain holder himself. The cancellation must be submitted in writing (fax or letter) and must be signed by the domain holder personally or by an approved signatory of the company, respectively. more ...


Invoicing takes place for each service period (= 1 year), which is dependent on the registration date of the domain. more ...

Contract structure in the registrar-system

Registrar system

You are an ISP and want to become a contractual partner with Take part in the registrar system and benefit from various financial and administrative advantages.

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Who is is the registration and administration office for all domains ending with .at. A .at-domain only becomes operational and available on the internet if it is registered with

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What are the duties of and an ISP?

An ISP offers different internet services, like webspace, domain hosting, e-mail addresses, web-design etc. By entering the domain in his nameservers, he provides the technical requirements for a domain. However, a domain only becomes operational and available on the internet if it is registered with the registry Thus, the ISP acts as an intermediary betwenn the domain holder and