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registry-in-a-box: A product of TLD-Box GmbH

No matter if you want to apply for a new TLD or are looking for a new registry solution for an existing TLD, with registry-in-a-box you receive stable, high performance registry services adapted to your individual needs. Made in Austria, successfully in use by .at as well as other European TLD and ENUM operators and accompanied by consulting, training and operational services.


  • fulfils and partly exceeds the new gTLD service level requirements set by ICANN.
  • follows the “Thick Registry” model; all registration information, including contact information, is held in the registry.
  • is a pure registrar system where all domain transactions are performed by Registrars in the name of the domain holder.
  • uses the “prepaid” billing model.
  • is built on a proven, cost-efficient and stable platform, reducing the TLD holders’ operational costs while providing exceptional performance and stability.
  • is provided with an extensive service package; the hard- and software is maintained, scaled and managed, offering a hassle-free service for the TLD operator.
  • scales for up to 500,000 domains within the initial setup with seamless upgrade and scalability options for larger TLDs.
  • is documented and supported in English and German.
  • integrates your individual policy requirements into automated processes.

from Basic to Complete

Individual customers demand individual solutions. This is why registry-in-a-box is composed of a modular portfolio:

  • registry-in-a-box basic:
    for those TLD operators who need a pure registry backend-provider with reliable technical infrastructure but have own resources for the administrative day-to-day operations.

  • registry-in-a-box advanced:
    for those TLD operators who want to outsource not only the technical registry core service, but also helpdesk services, payment, invoicing and financial processes.

  • registry-in-a-box complete:
    for those TLD operators who want to outsource the whole application, operation and management process for their TLD.