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Prior to changing your Internet service provider you need a new Internet service provider to whom you wish to transfer your domain. If you do not have a suitable Internet service provider yet, you can find a list of our .at partners in the .at-Partnerfinder. Many Internet service providers offer the service to perform a change of Internet service provider on the customer's behalf. The following distinction is important when it comes to a change of Internet service provider.

Your domain is with an Internet service provider:

Contact your current Internet service provider and have him enter the "AuthInfo" code. The "AuthInfo" code is a unique digit/number combination that is valid as a confirmation code in the event of Internet service provider transfer. The domain holder can request the AuthInfo code from his Internet service provider at any time (often it can also be requested via customer portals).Once you have received the AuthInfo code, you communicate it to your new Internet service provider so that he can transfer your domain. After successful transfer, the Internet service provider should set a new AuthInfo code, because the old one will otherwise remain valid.
Note: Your current Internet service provider is required to provide you with the AuthInfo code, even if e.g. old invoices are still outstanding

In the event that your current Internet service provider refuses to provide you with the AuthInfo code, nic.at offers an alternative procedure in cooperation with your new Internet service provider: The new Internet service provider can request a confirmation token from nic.at which is sent to you by e-mail. This token is valid for 21 days and is bound to this specific Internet service provider. As soon as you pass on your token to your new Internet service provider, the latter can take over administration of the domain and perform the desired changes.

Your domain is being administrated at nic.at:

If you want to have your domain administrated by an Internet service provider/registrar and no longer at nic.at, you can find the required Authinfo in your login area. As soon as your new Internet service provider has the AuthInfo code, he can transfer the domain.

Please note that a transfer will automatically revoke a cancellation by expiration.

If an Internet service provider removes a domain from his name servers, for example because a domain holder is untraceable or does not attend to his contractual duties, this procedure is referred to as "zone deletion". Removal renders the domain technically disabled.

 In the event of a zone deletion, nic.at contacts the domain holder in writing and gives him four weeks time to send new name server data. If the domain holder does not react within this period or is not reachable, the domain can be cancelled and becomes available again for registration. Payment of unpaid domain invoices will be demanded in any case.

Zone deletion is not a cancellation!

This process (as opposed to a regular cancellation) is time-consuming and expensive. If nic.at establishes that the domain holder originally intended to cancel the domain and that the Internet service provider requested a zone deletion instead of a regular cancellation, the Internet service provider can be charged with a handling fee.

What is required for a successful zone deletion?

In order for a zone deletion to be successful, the name server response for the affected domain must meet the following criteria:

  • One of the following statuses is returned (Rcode):
    • NOERROR with empty answer section
  • The AA-flag for Authoritative Answer must not be set
  • No SOA/NE records pointing to own servers

Please note that the confirmation of a zone deletion is preceded by a name server check. Depending on the number of configured name servers for the domain at issue, this process could take some time.

If you wish to cancel your domain, please contact your Internet service provider, because every supplier has different cancellation terms and there are often service packages connected to the domain. Please verify whether your Internet service provider has also cancelled the domain with nic.at. After cancellation is successful, you will receive a confirmation from nic.at by e-mail. If you do not receive this e-mail, please contact our customer service (service@nic.at) and we will verify whether your domain has been duly cancelled.

You can choose "immediately" or "at the end of the current service period" as cancellation date. From this time on, the domain is locked (cool-down period) and, thus, no longer technically functional. In the Whois database, the domain is marked "pending delete". After this technical lock (approx. eight weeks), the domain will be available for a new registration.

If your domain is administrated at nic.at, you can perform a cancellation directly in the login area or download the form here. Note: The cancellation period always ends one day before the new service period begins. The service period is indicated on the invoice. Already issued invoices shall remain valid if cancellation is not on time and shall be claimed.

The correct procedure for cancellation is also explained in this video.


If you could not find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact our customer service department : +43 662 46 69 -850.