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An error has occured!


An error has occured!


The initiated action could not be processed by the server. Possible reasons for this exception:

  • No session information available, session data has been deleted due to a successfully finished online application after, or a session timeout has occured.
  • No session information available, because the selected entry point of an online application does not match the official initial point.
  • Server based (probably temporarily) system failure occured on processing a web request.

Steps to take

  • If available, try using the button for continuing the active session in the right column of this page.
  • If the error persists, please start over at the beginning of the desired online application and retry.
  • If this error message continues to appear, this could occur due to old cookies from or External Link  still present in your browser-cache. Therefore please delete all old cookies and try the transaction again after a restart of your browser. The deletion of cookies varies from browser to browser.
  • If you have deactivated the use of cookies in your browser, please enable them, since various functions of this website do not function without cookies.
  • If you are having problems despite trying the solutions described above, please contact the System Administrator Mailto Link of