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Here you can request the whois-data of an existing domain: 

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What is a domain holder?

The domain holder is the bearer of all rights and liabilities regarding a domain. He can dispose of, use, rent or transfer the domain to another person etc. No domain data must be modified without the domain holder's approval. However, he also has the responisbility to pay for open domain fees (himself or via an ISP), and he is liable for legal infringements regarding the domain. The domain holder is the only one who can effectively cancel the domain or transfer it to a third party.

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Where can I find the current Whois-data?

You can view your domain data by using the domain query on the homepage. This is the most up-to-date and reliable source for .at-domains. Due to data protection, no information about the invoice recipient and the domain's key date are available.

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How do I make a data modification?

The relevant data must be sent to electronically - via online application (usually by the ISP). In addition, most data modifications require a written confirmation from the domain holder. As soon as both are available, the modification will be processed. If your ISP is also a registrar, there is usually no need to send a written confirmation.
If you just wish to modify the infoice recipient, a fax confirmation is sufficient. You can download the proper document here. If you want to modify a NICAT-handle, please complete the corresponding online form. Please note that this modification of a handle is only possible if the handle is neither administrated by a registrar nor used as a handle of a domain holder.