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Internet Foundation Austria (IPA)

The Internet Foundation Austria is formally an Austrian non-profit organisation called "Internet Privatstiftung Austria" (IPA). She was created in the year 2000 by the ISPA, the Association of Internet Service Providers in Austria. The foundation's purpose is to promote the internet in Austria and, particularly, to act as a trustee in order to take over the .at domain administration for the benefit of the general public. For this reason, the technical and administrative tasks of domain administration have been assigned to their company “ GmbH”. The Internet Foundation Austria (IPA) sees itself as an organisation dedicated to applying the proven principles of internet’s organisation – i.e. a private bottom-up self administration – to the administration of the Top Level Domain .at in a transparent and effective manner. Given its professional staff and its relationship with the ISPA, the  Internet Foundation Austria (IPA) is appropriately qualified for this task.

Structure of the Internet Foundation Austria (IPA)

The Internet Foundation Austria (IPA) regards itself as the institutional representative of the Austrian and international internet community. The management of the .at Top Level Domain is in accordance with Austrian legal system. Thus, the relationship between the domain holders and the registry is basically subject to the Austrian law.

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