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About us - duties and responsibilities of

Registration and administration of .at-domains

There is a central registry for every Top Level Domain, which operates a database with all domain entries as well as special nameservers for the entire TLD. Only these nameservers make it possible that domains can be reached. administrates the data of all domains below .at, and It does not matter where you order a domain registration: The domain must always be registered with in order to become functional.

Secure maintenance of all .at-domains

Our data and nameservers are technically protected against an unauthorised access and breakdowns. However, the security of .at-domains is also provided by manual checks: data will only be changed if the domain holder confirms the transaction with his signature.

Qualified customer service attaches great importance to  personal care. Our professional staff members will process your request fast and reliably – via e-mail, in writing or via telephone.

Up-to-date Whois database offers the service of providing domain data for public domain queries, thus providing the most updated and reliable source of Whois data for the .at-zone.

Information for the internet community also serves as a center of excellence regarding domains. For this reason, we regularly publish news from the domain world and are glad to be your contact for any questions concerning domains.

Cooperation with public bodies and the Internet Foundation Austria (IPA) represent the interests of the Austrian internet community in different public bodies, such as ICANN External Link (Internet Corporation for Assigned Numbers and Names), CENTR External Link (Council of European National Top Level Domain Registries) and RIPE External Link (Réseaux IP Européens). They are also permanently in touch with relevant organisations, like the Austrian Domain Name Council, the European Commission and technical bodies (e.g. IETF External Link). operates in close cooperation with the University of Vienna, the former .at-Registry, where a large part of the technical equipment (name server, data bases) is located.